Porthmadog's PremierHotel
December 2013

Hotel hosts town's first-ever 'proper baby shower' party!

A leading Gwynedd hotel has hosted Porthmadog's first-ever 'proper baby shower' party.

Porthmadog mum-to-be Emma Jane Williams gave the town's Royal Sportsman Hotel a fantastic five-star review for how they hosted her special pre-birth celebration.

Emma, her sister Catherine, and mother Gay hosted around 30 family, friends and colleagues - all women apart from one openly gay man - in the hotel's lounge for almost three hours of girly, mumsy fun!

"We all believe the party - where lots of girls and women sit around chatting, drinking, eating, playing games and giving/opening presents - to be the Porthmadog area's first such event," said Emma.

Baby showers are a North American import to Britain, according to a well-known online encyclopaedia, where an expectant mother is 'showered' with gifts. It is the male equivalent of 'wetting the baby's head'.

Emma said: "The hotel is a five-star place for a stylish party because it is central both in the town and in the area, while the lounge is classy and really cosy. It's different to a pub, with lovely teas and coffees for those who want a panad, but still has a bar and superb food too!"

They played lots of guessing games like Measure The Bump (tummy circumference with a piece of wool), Breaking Waters (tiny, plastic, model babies in ice cubes), Smell The Nappy (various rancid concoctions), Taste The baby Food (lots of different blended purees), Birthday Closest to Baby's, and the Number of Sweets in Giant Baby Bottle!

Emma's mum Gay made lots of cupcakes and brought a cake to share after the hotel buffet. Gay said the party idea came from her mum and sisters who all live in Canada.

"We are particularly proud to celebrate the pending arrival of little Guto, because he's the first boy on both sides of our families for 20-odd years," Gay added.

Dad-to-be Gary Hicks, from Tanygrisiau who works at Rehau in Blaenau Ffestiniog, arrived just in time at the party's end to help move a mountain of presents for Guto, who's due after the New Year.

New hotel owner Aby Quddus said: "It's fantastic to see so many community groups and local customers returning here to hold events and functions. These are as diverse as the 'baby shower' to farming union consultations and commercial research focus groups! Being the place to greet, meet and eat is what a premier local hotel is all about, especially in the winter."